Day 90 – Pitcairn Islanders Visit Sea Princess – August 19th, 2015

As mentioned in a previous post, today was most definitely role reversal, as rather than the pax and crew pouring ashore, the local residents came out to visit the ship. Probably for the best, as I doubt Pitcairn Island could handle a sudden influx of 3,000 people. In this post I will start with the approach to the island in a healthy gale, show a few photographs of the resident’s boat coming alongside and unloading their ware, the onboard market place on Deck #12 and finally the scenic cruise around the island. I hope you enjoy.

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Day 90 – Pitcairn Island Lecture – August 19th, 2015

Pitcairn Island 10:00 to 14:00

A visit to Pitcairn Island on a cruise ship can best be described as a day of role reversal. In all other ports, the passengers and crew head ashore, but on Pitcairn, the locals come out to visit us aboard the ship. In my almost 40 years at sea, this was most definitely a unique experience. Shortly after boarding the vessel, via the pilot ladder, one of the resident was designated to conduct a presentation about island life in the Princess Theatre. Please note all photographs are taken from the powerpoint slides, which are the property of Pitcairn Island.

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Day 90 – Pitcairn Island – August 19th, 2015

Pitcairn Island – 10:00 to 14:00

With another hour back last night, our consistency with Vancouver time was short lived, lasting a mere 24 hours, as we spent today on Alaska time. However, the highlight today was the spectacular visit to Pitcairn Island. No, we didn’t go ashore, but even in 35 to 55 kt winds, almost the entire island came out to visit us. Only the oldsters stayed ashore, avoiding the trip out to the ship, which most definitely would be deemed a white knuckle adventure.

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