Day 16 – Colombo, Sri Lanka–Tea Plantation Tour

The two tours of real interest to us this morning were the Elephant Sanctuary and Tea Plantation. Having already seen elephants in the wild and also a sanctuary in Nairobi, we decided to try the tea plantation. This is a six hour tour that requires a 90 minute drive to/from the plantation, a visit to a tea factory and an opportunity to sample a cup of local tea. Sounds like a perfect day, but how comfortable will the bus ride be, as rumours abound that buses aren’t air conditioned. Doesn’t bother me, but some others are a tad uptight.

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Day 16 – Colombo, Sri Lanka–June 6th 2015

Alongside Colombo – 07:00 – 20:00

Our first port outside of Australia and with the number of passengers up in the buffet, I suspect it is eagerly awaited after seven days at sea. This morning we are heading off to a Tea Plantation and will complete a separate post on the tour. The other notable point is our good friend and fellow blogger Dean Lenz is joining the ship today and will be with us until Dubai. Dean works for Princess Corporate Security, travelling around the world conducting port inspections.


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