Post Cruise – Return Home

Well, we have now been home for a month, which included a three week visit from my dad to see his Great Grandson. As can be expected, life has been rather hectic getting caught up after six months away.

Finally caught up, and with nothing better to do on a rather dull, grey and rainy day in Maple Ridge, I have an opportunity to pen our experiences during our three days in Sydney and the rather long flights home. Continue reading

Post World Cruise Discussions With Princess

These past few days we have engaged in post cruise discussions with Princess Cruises regarding our World Cruise experience, as detailed on the post cruise survey we completed immediately after the cruise.

I talked to a pleasant chap from Corporate Customer Service who thanked both of us for our detailed and balanced feedback of our experiences on the 2015 Sea Princess World Cruise. For us this was a cruise of a lifetime, that we really can’t afford to repeat, at least not for many years. Unfortunately, while we experienced a number of highlights, the condition of the ship was a disgrace.

At the conclusion of our discussions, the customer service agent offered a welcome back bonus of $100. Until this time, I had not discussed, nor considered or expected monetary compensation. Considering the amount paid for a World Cruise, I considered his offer an insult and advised him accordingly. My counter was a percentage of fare paid, which he agreed to discuss with his manager. I also advised that completing any future cruises was contingent on a satisfactory resolution of our World Cruise concerns. We currently had a 28 and a 33 day cruise booked.

Their final offer, which was more reasonable, still fell well short of our expectations. Consequently, we have cancelled both future cruises and will never consider Princess or any of the other Carnival brands for our future cruising needs.

Tomorrow starts the research for a new cruise line, with river cruises and smaller all-inclusive brands the first options that pop into mind.

Andy and Judi’s 2015 World Cruise Summary II

Sea Princess

Welcome to volume II of our 2015 World Cruise summary. Please refer to the volume 1 post for the introduction and how I am structuring the summary. Overall the cruise was a positive experience, so I’ll start with some positives. The areas requiring improvement or those not meeting our expectations will be included in volume 3. Continue reading

Andy and Judi’s 2015 World Cruise Review I

2015 World Cruise – Sea Princess – May 22nd to Sept 4th (104 Nights)

World Map showing our world cruise itinerary

World Map showing our world cruise itinerary

Sitting here watching the planes take-off at the Sydney Airport Rydges Hotel, awaiting our flights home tomorrow, there is no better time to sit down and reminisce about our recently completed magnificent voyage of discovery.

This summary is solely based on our opinion, and is our personal views and recollections of the just completed World Cruise. It does not reflect the views of our many other fellow passengers; therefore, I encourage readers to read blogs written by fellow passengers, to attain a more balanced view. Continue reading

Day 106 – Return to Sydney-September 4th, 2015

Sydney, Australia – Arrival

It’s all over, our epic voyage around the world aboard the Sea Princess has come to an end, as the vessel secured alongside the White Bay Cruise Ship Terminal in Sydney. One hundred and four nights, 5 continents and countless ports, unfortunately has reached a conclusion, and it’s time for us to say our final goodbyes to our many new friends, both crew and pax.

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Day 105 – At Sea – September 3rd, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

Our final day of the 2015 World Cruise, and based on the Captain’s forecast, we will be ending the cruise with the same conditions we experienced on that first night, oh so many days, even months ago. Today was a day for packing and saying our goodbyes to the many new friends we have met, including many of the wonderful crew aboard, who have worked extremely hard, with constant smiles, to make this almost completed 104 night adventure, most memorable.

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Day 104 – At Sea – September 2nd, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

During last night’s update the Captain advised of inclement weather expected today. Sure enough after sunrise the wind picked up and the swell steepened, creating considerable pounding and slamming, resulting in the Captain altering course to the south to avoid the worst of the seas. Other than the weather, today was much quieter than yesterday, with few activities of interest.

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Day 103 – At Sea–September 1st, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

Wow, September is now upon us and it is hard to believe that on my first blog posting I typed May, it seems like an eternity since we excitedly boarded this ship in Sydney, full of great expectations. Well our final port is well and truly behind us as we rock, roll and slam our way across the wild and more than slightly windy Tasman Sea, towards the magnificent natural harbour of Sydney. Today was actually a rather busy day with a multitude of interesting activities on the daily schedule.

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Day 102 – Auckland, New Zealand – August 31st, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand – 07:00 to 22:00

Our final port of call on this grand voyage around the world, before sailing into the magnificent Sydney Harbour on Friday morning. Having been in Auckland twice before, many years ago, I recall it as a spectacular arrival and was fully intending to be out on deck enjoying the sights. However, waking up my usual 04:30 I was serenaded by two minute blasts on the ship’s whistle. It wasn’t foggy, but with rain reducing the visibility, it was pointless heading our with the camera.

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