The Prairies – Our Expectations And Reality

Our expectations of what we will see on this journey across the Prairie Provinces, isn’t actually reality, so far. Judi has completed this route many times, but the most recent was 35 years ago, so memory could be a little fuzzy. Andy, however has zero experience, having lived within 25 mls of the coast his entire life. His perceptions were based on what he has read, seen in films or heard others discuss. We both expected totally flat land with crops growing all around, with very straight roads.

Interested in what we experienced so far?

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Medicine Hat – 1/2 Way To Winnipeg

The good news is we are now 1/2 way across Canada from Vancouver to Winnipeg, as from there we will drop down to the United States. However, while a great place to stop for an evening, Medicine Hat really isn’t a tourist destination, at least not for the things that interest us.

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Calgary – Ring Road or City Centre ???

During today’s voyage from Banff to Medicine Hat, the biggest decision was how to get passed Calgary – go round it or go through it. Without having a Wi-Fi connection for the last 3 days, Andy had been unable to complete his usual voyage planning on Google, so we are relying on the GPS, map book and road signs.

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Banff – So Many Things To See In 2 Days

Fortunately we have been here before. Last year we spent a long weekend, for our anniversary, at the Canmore Worldmark, and on one of the days we drove up to Banff to play tourist. We walked along the Bow River all the way down to the Falls, then headed back uphill to the Banff Springs Hotel and finished with a walk around town, and a late lunch in a pub. Therefore, no need to re-visit any of those places.

The 2 places that were of interest are Mt Norquay and Lake Louise, so that’s the plan. Saturday morning was clear, so we elected to do Mt Norquay that day and Lake Louise on Sunday.

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Camping in Banff – Sequestered in Nature or Primitive

We have 2 full days in Banff and are staying at a Parks Canada Campground, of which we had three to choose from. We opted for Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court, which surprisingly for Parks Canada even offers services, although only 30 Amps. Judi with extensive camping experience calls it sequestered in nature, but Andy, the ultimate city slicker reckons it is primitive. Tell us what you think!

Sketch of campground. We were in Section B, 3rd row from bottom

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