Boston – Wirlwind Downtown Visit

Boston Common looking towards Boyleston StreetThe Redwood is parked for a few days and we’re taking a break from our RV lifestyle, staying with friends Tom & Maria, who reside in Plymouth, about an hour South of Boston. First up on the tourist agenda was Boston, which should be interesting, as our kids say we have quite a goons on ice hockey rivalry with Boston, and the Tea Party was only about 240 years ago.

Having no prior knowledge of Boston, we were impressed, as it really is a beautiful city, at least the downtown portion that we visited.

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The 3,400 Mile Drive – 6 States In 1 Day

After an enjoyable 4 days with friends Maria & Tom in Plymouth, it was time to continue with our amended North American sojourn. We are having problems with the landing gear system, Judi’s back is acting up and a couple of other issues have dictated we cancel the swing down to California and return directly home. It’s only 3,400 miles, shouldn’t take more than a couple of days !!!!!! Yeh right, more like 8 days, at our pedestrian speed of 55 mph.

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Navigating Boston – The Big Dig City

Today should have been a really easy day, with a short 200 mile hop down the coast to stay with friends in Plymouth, Massachusetts. But, we have to drive through the centre of Boston, and our kids tell us Vancouver has a major hockey rivalry going on with that city. Should we cover up our British Columbia plates on the front and back???

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