Spam Museum – Who Would Have Thought One Existed !!

We had spent a couple of quiet days just chillin’ out in the heat and sunshine after the hectic driving and tourist schedule of the past 2 weeks. After taking the dogs for a run we were looking for local touristy options that we could visit this afternoon.

Albert Lea didn’t appear to have much, so I checked out Austin MN, on where else, but Tripadvisor. Guess what was the # 1 rated attraction – the Spam Museum, never in our wildest dreams would we have expected to see a museum all about “Spam”.

If that is the # 1 attraction, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the town, or does it !!

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Today’s Biggest Decision – Motorway or Country Roads

Dakota Magic Casino to Albert Lea/Austin KOA

Today we had a couple of options; the shortest included back tracking North on I-29, about 80 miles on country roads and through Minneapolis, or the easiest driving I-29 & I-90 option, which was 40 miles longer. In deciding, we also factored into the equation that neither of us slept well due to a car alarm sounding all night in the parking lot. Don’t you just love gamblers!

Read on to find out which option we selected.

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