Montana to Pacific Northwest

Wow! what a start to the day, as I stepped out to walk the dogs about 0730, I saw the sky to the East was ablaze with red emanating from along the horizon. One of the best sunrises since my deep sea days. A very aptly named campground..

The end of this whirlwind cross-country journey is slowly coming into sight, as by this afternoon we finally reach the Pacific Northwest, and the normal dull grey sky and rain. After 2 nights at 5,000 feet we are looking forward to the lower altitude of Spokane and then finally back to sea level the following day. We just aren’t used to this lack of Oxygen!!!

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We Survived 30Knot Montana Crosswinds

Our day commenced with clear blue skies, although a rather chilly 2 C, from atop our 5,100 ft perch overlooking the small town of Sundance WY. On departure, it was a short distance downhill to top off with diesel and within minutes we were heading West and homeward bound on I-90. Yet another 400+ mile day of motorway driving. I must admit after 7 full days of driving, this is becoming a tad tiresome.

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