Day 66 – New York, USA – July 26th, 2015

New York, USA – 00:00 to 17:00

Our 2nd almost full day in New York and our plans were for Judi to have a quiet day resting her back after yesterday, and I planned to visit the USS Intrepid Museum, an aircraft carrier berthed a couple of piers down from us. In addition to the carrier they have about 18 aircraft on deck, a space shuttle, concord and a submarine. Alas, the plans changed and I wasn’t able to leave the ship today. Wasn’t the greatest of starts to our final 40 day segment of the World Cruise.

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Day 65 – New York, USA – July 25th, 2015 (Ground Zero)

After completing the HoHo Downtown Loop our priorities for the remainder of the day were – Ground Zero, Macy’s and a stroll along 8th Avenue towards Times Square. We spent a couple of hours at Ground Zero, visited Macys and walked along 8th Ave, stopping for dinner, but by then Judi’s back required a rest, so we headed to the shuttle, returning to the ship about 19:30.

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Day 65 – New York, USA – July 25th, 2015 (Ho-Ho Bus Tour)

New York, USA – 24 hours

Since we arrived early in New York last evening, we have already completed the immigration formalities and everyone is free to head ashore at their convenience. We have signed up for the 1-day Hop On-Hop-Off bus through the ship, which includes a shuttle to/from the ship and bus stop for both uptown and downtown loops. You can’t possibly see all of New York in a single day, so decision time – sit on the bus for about 5 hours and complete both loops or complete one loop, get off and check out a couple of sights. Due to the number of photographs I will split the today’s tour into two posts.

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Day 64 – Arrival New York – July 24th, 2015

Reykjavic, Iceland to New York, USA

Finally we make landfall in North America, not in Halifax as per the schedule, but New York or the Big Apple. Another relaxing sea day culminated in the three hour transit from the pilot station to our berth in Manhattan, followed by US Immigration, which was a five hour marathon. Although our meeting with immigration was barely a couple of minutes, only about 20 passengers are USA or Canada, so the remainder had to go through the finger prints and photograph routine, which take considerably longer.

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Lake Ontario Sunset

Our spot at the campground

Our spot at the campground

After a very early departure from Delhi, Ontario we pulled into The Willows Campground on Lake Ontario by late afternoon. Just prior to sunset we joined the procession heading down to the lake shore and grabbed a bench to enjoy the sunset. The Great Lakes may not be the ocean, but after 3,000 miles across the country it is just a pleasant experience seeing the water again. The sunset may not compare to those on Maui, but it was definitely picturesque.



Sunset on Lake Ontario

Sunset over Lake Ontario 4

Looking along the lake shore at sunset

Judi and the dogs sitting on the bench enjoying sunset.

Judi enjoying the sunset

Duke lying with Judi at sunset

Kona sitting with Judi at sunset

The campground from the end of the dock.

Looking at the campground from the dock




Quebec Travels and Learning a Foreign Language

Now that repairs are completed we are trying to get back on schedule quickly, so today was another fairly long day, departing upstate New York and heading to Quebec City. Fortunately Judi understands some French, but Andy doesn’t know any, so should be an interesting couple of days.

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We’re On The Road Again – Finally

Thanks to the great people at Hitch n Go RV in Delhi, Ontario we are resuming our voyage towards Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Ocean. To resume our trip, in New Brunswick on schedule, requires 2 days of about 500 miles each day. Therefore, we will be a day late arriving in New Brunswick.

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