2022 F-450 King Ranch Ultimate – It’s Finally Here

Finally, the wait is over, and I recently picked up my new F-450 from West Coast Ford, after a wait of 8 months, 8 days and about 22 hrs, but who’s counting. Picked her up from the dealer a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t get her in to the detail shop for the first wax & shine, so these are the first photos.

After the long wait for the scheduling and build, the shipping phase was short, taking only 15 days, when the average to the West Coast is 23 days. I had the rail car number, so was checking the automated system daily, which had her stuck in Chicago for over 1 week. I checked the system, which stated she was still in Chicago, then an hour later the Sales Manager called to advise the truck was on the lot.

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2022 Ford F-450 King Ranch Update

Soon to be built 2022 F-450 King Ranch

Wow, it will soon be 7 months since I sold the old truck and ordered a new F-450 and let me tell you it’s been a long hard wait, with many a bump along the road. When we ordered, we anticipated delivery in January, possibly as late as early February, which would have been perfect for our summer plans. Well it is now March and, as per the caption above, it still isn’t even in production. Read on for the trials and tribulations of ordering a new vehicle in the present post-COVID world.

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F-450 King Ranch (Brute 3) – On Order

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The current F-350 Dually

On Tuesday, we depart for Osoyoos, in British Columbia’s wine country, and this will be our final RV’ing trip with Brute # 2, a Ford F-350 Lariat, CC, Long Box, 4×2 Dually. This truck was factory ordered and delivered shortly after we returned from the 2015 World Cruise, so it is almost 6 years old.

Rubbing the crystal ball, I see a 2022 Ford F-450 King Ranch, CC, Long Box, 4×4 Dually in our future. Read on to check out our sweet deal.

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Back To School ? – Why!!!

work-paper-and-pencils-back-to-schoolThat’s right, after a hiatus of way to many years (40+) I am heading back to school, albeit a virtual school, or more specifically Blogging University’s Blogging 101 course. The course starts today and our first assignment is covering a little about me and the W’s – who, why, what, where, etc. Read on to view my first assignment, as I provide a brief introduction and answer all the W’s. Please fell free to provide comments and suggestions for improvement. Continue reading

Boondocking at a RV Dealer

Boondocking at RV Dealer

Boondocking at RV Dealer

Unable to use the shower, kitchen sink or dishwasher it is time to head for repairs. The factory service centre didn’t have any available appointments, but fortunately Hitch n Go RV Inc in Delhi, Ontario could help us on Wednesday. Parked next to the service building, we are comfortably boondocking with 30 Amps and water hookups.

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Ottawa and Quebec City – Cancelled

If you follow Judi on Facebook you will be well aware of the water issues we experienced this past week. Shortly after leaving the service centre we had a problem with the kitchen supply and drain pipes, as when the slides went out the pipes got jammed into a tangled mess, resulting in no water at the kitchen sink.  Our dealer in Abbotsford conveniently owns a dealership about 4 miles from our current location, and while they aren’t a Redwood dealer, Redwood approved they could work on the issue.

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RV Production Line – Sneak Peek

RW Logo

The Rally highlight for most attendees is probably the factory tour on the Saturday morning. Being the weekend, no production is taking place, which permits us a detailed look at the production line, without getting in the way. If you want to view the production process, tours are available upon request.

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