World Cruise 2015

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10 thoughts on “World Cruise 2015

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Had a quick trip out there once when I was in Sydney on Oriana, but that was back in the ’70’s. Interested in seeing the changes.



  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on your trip of a lifetime.
    A World Cruise has been on our bucket list for a few years and have finally booked the 2016 World Cruise, Sydney/Sydney so will be keenly following your blog.
    At the moment we are feeling totally overwhelmed with all the decisions on excursions, currency, communication devices, visas, etc.
    Maybe we are causing ourselves too much stress by trying to be too organised so hopefully this will all sort itself out in time.

    Thanks from Sydney, Australia


    • Thanks for the comment. The 2016 itinerary looks great, especially the Northern Europe and Baltic, which is one of the few areas I haven’t visited. For currency we will have AUS $, US $, UK Sterling, Euros with a lot of it being small bills for tips, etc. For tours generally stay with Princess Tours – yes they are more expensive and you see less, but from a risk management perspective we believe they are the best option.

      We are staying at our Worldmark Timeshare in Sydney for a week post cruise if you want to contact us to for more in depth feedback on what to expect.


      • Yes the Baltics will be great although we haven’t cruised the Mediterranean yet. Our longest cruise has been 14 days.
        I see so many cruisers recommending private tours and even though they may be cheaper you cant beat the confidence of being on a Princess tour. I suppose the trick is to find a balance which suits. Hopefully you will mention in your blog what excursions you choose. Thanks for your kind offer, I will see how things go.


  2. First thank you for checking out our blog. Glad you are doing the world cruise next year as we are thinking of doing that after our RVtravels. You will be our measuring stick so let us know how you liked it. Steve loves to cruise as you can see we have a page for it and the world one is on our bucket list.


    • MonaLiza – once the adventure begins we will post regularly. With so many options of cruise lines, ships and itineraries I suggest starting research a few years before you plan to cruise.

      For us, since I used to work for Princess, as did or son, we tend to stick with them, so we only had to select 1 of 2 ships and the year.



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