How To Navigate Our Blog

Courtesy of BoatUS

Navigating the numerous blogs on the internet can be somewhat challenging due to the multitude of design options available, on the multiple software platforms. Our travel blog is no different, with multiple features to assist navigating to a specific post, or content of interest. The 3 key features are:

  • Search Box – located in the top, right corner is a powerful and accurate search box. Type in any word, or multiple words and WordPress will present a list of every post that includes those word(s). Compared to many of the Forums, this is an excellent search tool.
  • Menu Bar – Located below the initial photo, it is the black band with menu items listed in white. Only the top tier menu is listed, so hovering over a topic, will introduce 1 or more lower level menus. The top menu consists of the home page, an introduction to both of us, places we have visited (includes our RV’ing trips and foreign countries), our cruises, photography products we use and copyright notice.
    • Home – this lists all posts from day 1, with the most recent being listed first. Keep scrolling down and selecting “Older Posts” to see all post.
    • RV’ing Excursions – Hover over the “Places We’ve Visited”, which opens up the 2nd menu level. Moving down to hover over “RV’ing North America” opens the 3rd level of menu, which lists “Canada” and “USA”. Hovering over either country opens the 4th menu level, which lists each Province or State. By selecting any Province or State, you will receive a list of all posts that include that Province/State.
    • Country – To view all posts from a specific country. Hover over the “Places We’ve Visited”, select “Countries We Have Visited” from the 2nd menu level, then pick a continent from the level 3 menu. Each continent displays a list of the countries we have visited on that continent. Select a country and receive a list of all posts from that country.
    • Cruising – Each cruise is listed, so select any cruise and it provides a list of all posts originating from that cruise.
  • Sidebar – on the “Home” page is the right sidebar, which has a number of navigation options, accessible by scrolling down the page. In order, they are:
    • Most Recent Posts – lists the last 10 posts, with each listing including a link to the post.
    • Select an Adventure – this section lists in the following order, each country we have viited, each cruise and each Province/State. Select any item and it will provide a list of all relevant posts.
    • Select Posts by Month – select a month and it provides a list of each post created that month.
    • Blogs I Enjoy – select one of the links to a few of the other blogs that I enjoy.