Day 11 – Alongside Papeete, Tahiti

Oh Tahiti E show 01

One of the highlights of visiting Papeete aboard a cruise ship is the performance by a local dance troupe, performing traditional Polynesian music and dancing. We queued for over 1/2 hr to ensure we scored seats in the Theatre, and the performance by “O Tahiti E” did not disappoint.

Enjoy the photos from the show.

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Day 11 – 14th January, Arr Papeete, Tahiti


06 Kayaks on the port bow

Kayaks arriving at harbour entrance at same time as Viking Sun

Today is a mixture of sea day and port day, as we dock in Papeete, at the North end of Tahiti by 18:00. The later arrival guarantees an overnight in port and that no early morning is required to watch the arrival.

Read on to learn about our first sea/port day.

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Day 9 – Nuku Hiva, 12th January

02 Taoihae Bay panorama

Taiohae Bay Panorama

Our first port of call after 8 sea days and about 3,000 miles, since departure Los Angeles. The islanders are in the initial stages of developing a tourist industry, so at present have minimal infrastructure in place,especially for cruise ship visits on a Sunday. They only receive about a dozen cruise ship visits per year.

Read on for a description of the island, some history and our walking tour of the bay.

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Crossing the Line – 10th January 2020


Cook kissing the fishCrossing the Line Ceremony – where Pollywogs transition into Shellbacks. Is the ceremony a fine nautical tradition providing entertainment, or is it a demeaning experience for the participants. Your answer is probably dictated by your experience on a cargo/naval vessel or a passenger ship. How long ago is also a key factor.

Read on for some of the history, my previous experience and photos from aboard Viking Sun.

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Day 8 – 11th January 2020, Cruising S Pacific Ocean

Infinity Pool

Finally, the last sea day is upon us, as tomorrow we reach Nuku Hiva. With almost 8 sea days, I am pleasantly surprised that I haven’t heard any griping, such as “OMG, not another sea day. This was rather common on our last WC when sailing from Freemantle to Ceylon. By day 7 or 8, sea day complaints were common.

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Day 7 – 10th January 2020, Cruising N & S Pacific Oceans

Viking Sun - cruise mapperThis day brings to an end our first week aboard the magnificent Viking Sun. After 7 days of steaming, about 2,300 miles, today we reach the Southern Hemisphere. So does the water in the sink rotate in the opposite direction??? Which direction does it go at the Equator? One of the comments requested some feedback on the meals, so today I introduce a new heading for meals, where I’ll list daily special events and provide feedback on our dining experiences.

Read on to enjoy today’s experience aboard the Viking Sun.

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Day 6 – 9th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

Seating alcove aft end Deck 8With 2 different shows this evening, that we wanted to watch, our sea day routine is again taking a hit. We had another first, enjoying Afternoon Tea in the Wintergarden. Since we no longer have laundry privileges, it was time to go find the laundry, dragging the bag. Check out another busy day aboard Viking Sun.

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Cabin – Viking v’s Princess

As most readers are aware, this is our 2nd World Cruise, having completed the 2015 WC on Sun Princess, R/T from Sydney. Many have asked how Viking compares to Princess, so this post will cover the standards, decor and fittings of our current cabin, and compare them to a comparable cabin on Sun Princess. All comments are our personal opinion and may not reflect the thoughts of others. Comparisons are from memory and reviewing numerous photos from our 2015 cruise.

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