Cameras & Photo Editing

Canon Lenses

Contents of my camera bag – at least in my dreams

While not a professional photographer, it is one of my keen interests and have I used SLR’s for almost 40 years. So you may ask – Canon, Nikon or one of the other brands? Well from day #1 it has always been Canon.

It all started with my trusty Canon A-1, with a suite of lenses, which I continued using until switching to DSLR’s about 2005. I now use multiple DSLR bodies and also a small point & shoot.


  • Canon 5D Mk III – Primary body
  • Canon 5D Mk II – Secondary body – donated to grandson Jan/22




Photo Editing Software:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 – used it for a couple of years, but only a very small percentage of the available features. Takes lots of disk space and memory, so deleted it.
  • Photoshop Elements 21
  • Adobe Lightroom 6
  • Canon Digital Photo Professional
  • Adobe Revel for unlimited photograph cloud storage

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