Arathusa Lodge Safari Drive # 5

Zebra herd at the edge of the airstripHeading to the Lounge area for the pre-safari afternoon tea, we spotted a couple of female Waterbuck grazing at the edge of the path, just outside our cabin. We stopped and thankfully they turned around, retreating into the bush. Continuing towards the lounge area, we had only taken a few steps when we spotted a large male Waterbuck walking along the path towards us. Oh! did I mention he had huge horns and he stopped in his tracks, watching us intently. Definitely time to practice discretion or valour, so we beat a hasty retreat to the cabin and phoned the desk. We were advised, if it was a Waterbuck it would walk away without bothering us, but if it was a Buffalo stay inside and they would send a Ranger. Fairly comfortable that it was Waterbuck, we again ventured outside, following the path to the lounge. We spotted him about 5 or 6 feet off the path and he watched us as we walked passed. Now that’s what I call getting up close and personal with wild life, but wait, read on for our even closer encounter with a big cat. Continue reading