Day 65 – 9th March 2020, Alongside Bali

Orchid garden Judi in sea of orchids

Today is the end of Segment # 2, which was scheduled as Sydney to Hong Kong, but now ends in Bali. With the end of one segment, starts another, which is now the Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere.

You may ask, “Where is Somewhere” and the answer is any port that is on our route and will accept us. We are also rather special, with only 361 passengers remaining on our private yacht, being tended to by a full compliment of 464 highly attendant crew members.

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Day 64 – 8th March 2020, Alongside Bali

Taman Ayun Judi at entrance

Yesterday we spent the day at anchor, while Viking negotiated with the local authorities to get us ashore for our tours, and flights for those departing the ship. We all had our temperatures taken again last evening, but didn’t hear the results, before heading to bed.

On waking this morning, the question on everyone’s mind was, “Are we going ashore today or not???” Read on for a busy start to the day and our activities.

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