Niagara Falls – Behind The Falls Tour

The Falls from the viewing platform 2With current location posted as Maple Ridge BC, you may ask why am I posting about a tour in Niagara Falls, a mere 3,000 miles and 3 time zones to the East. The answer, Jeeves ol’ chap is rather simple, as I complete another assignment for the Blogging 101 course.

Today’s assignment includes:

  • Honing the blog focus,
  • Publish a post for your dream reader, and
  • Incorporate a new element

We started this blog to record memories of our travels and as a medium for family and friends to follow us, as we enjoy the RV lifestyle travelling North America and circumnavigating the globe on a World Cruise. Therefore, today’s challenge is how to maintain the focus on travel, when we are actually at home for a few months, awaiting the impending arrival of our first grandson.

What new element should I include? To date, I haven’t got around to learning how to upload/embed videos to a post, so today’s objective is to post the inaugural video. I reviewed the pros/cons of uploading video directly to WordPress, or embedding from a 3rd party like Youtube. Everything I read recommends not uploading video to WordPress due to bandwidth issues, so I elected to use Youtube.

On reviewing the available video files I elected to go with files from our visit to Niagara Fall last summer. Read on to see how I accomplish these goals and provide a report on the Behind The Scenes Tour at Niagara Falls.

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