New England Transit

After just over a month in Atlantic Canada, it is time to move on, crossing back into the United States for a visit with friends in Plymouth MA. Having heard lots of stories of the spectacular Fall colours in the New England States, we are eager to compare with the sights we recently experienced in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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Quebec Travels and Learning a Foreign Language

Now that repairs are completed we are trying to get back on schedule quickly, so today was another fairly long day, departing upstate New York and heading to Quebec City. Fortunately Judi understands some French, but Andy doesn’t know any, so should be an interesting couple of days.

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We’re On The Road Again – Finally

Thanks to the great people at Hitch n Go RV in Delhi, Ontario we are resuming our voyage towards Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Ocean. To resume our trip, in New Brunswick on schedule, requires 2 days of about 500 miles each day. Therefore, we will be a day late arriving in New Brunswick.

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Canada/U.S. Border – Getting a Semi Size Rig Through Car Lanes

Winkler to Dakota Magic Casino

Compared to Saturday this is a short hop, about 240 miles, but it does include crossing the border into North Dakota. This is a new experience, as on previous trips into the U.S we leave home with no food in the RV. From home, it is only 20 miles to the border, so we shop after crossing the border at the Bellingham Costco.

The lack of Wi-Fi also restricted our ability to thoroughly research what you can bring in, and more importantly, what is prohibited.

Read on to for our crossing the border experience.

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