Crossing the Line – 10th January 2020


Cook kissing the fishCrossing the Line Ceremony – where Pollywogs transition into Shellbacks. Is the ceremony a fine nautical tradition providing entertainment, or is it a demeaning experience for the participants. Your answer is probably dictated by your experience on a cargo/naval vessel or a passenger ship. How long ago is also a key factor.

Read on for some of the history, my previous experience and photos from aboard Viking Sun.

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Day 7 – 10th January 2020, Cruising N & S Pacific Oceans

Viking Sun - cruise mapperThis day brings to an end our first week aboard the magnificent Viking Sun. After 7 days of steaming, about 2,300 miles, today we reach the Southern Hemisphere. So does the water in the sink rotate in the opposite direction??? Which direction does it go at the Equator? One of the comments requested some feedback on the meals, so today I introduce a new heading for meals, where I’ll list daily special events and provide feedback on our dining experiences.

Read on to enjoy today’s experience aboard the Viking Sun.

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Day 76 – Crossing the Line Ceremony – August 5th,2015

Crossing the Line Ceremony – where Pollywogs transition to Shellbacks, is it a fine nautical tradition or little more than an excuse for what some may consider demeaning?

You answer to the aforementioned question will depend on the type of vessel and the year you crossed the Equator. Aboard cruise ships similar to the Sea Princess, you get the modern sanitised version, which is nothing more than light hearted entertainment. Good clean fun. However, I and many others can assure you that wasn’t the normal experience on cargo and naval vessels, especially prior to the 80’s or 90’s.

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