Day 72 – Curacao – August 1st, 2015 (National Park Tour & Willemstad Walk)

For our day in Curacao we initially signed up for a morning tour to the more barren and less populated Western end of the island, followed by a scenic sunset dinner cruise. However, with Judi’s back issues and the strong trade winds, we elected to cancel the dinner cruise. Therefore, our day in Curacao consisted of the tour to the National Park, a slave’s home museum and a visit to an exceptional beach with the turquoise blue waters so typical of the Caribbean. Following the tour, we headed ashore for a Skype session with Heather, Jamie and Owen, then Judi went browsing the shops while I explored the local area. Truly a most varied and enjoyable day ashore in Curacao.

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Day 72 – Curacao – August 1st, 2015

Curacao – 08:00 to 22:00

This is our only stop in the Caribbean and is one of the ports I eagerly awaited, having fond memories of the Curacao arrival from the 1970’s, when we called  here every 2 weeks while I completed trans-canal cruises aboard the old Island Princess. Up early for the arrival, I was somewhat disappointed when we docked at a new berth on the south shore, adjacent to the channel entrance. As per previous ports, I will complete a separate post for today’s tour.

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