Hells Gate Airtram & Fish Ladders

Hells Gate upper station and tram enrouteYes, this post will focus on the amazing Hells Gate Airtram and fish ladder, but first a little background on the preparation and start of our 2016 adventures. The planning and organising is complete, summer is upon us and after an 18-month hiatus, Judi and I are back enjoying the RV lifestyle.

On completion of the dealer service, we towed the coach out to Camp Bridal near Chilliwack, where my dad joined us for 5 days of cleaning and testing all the systems that hadn’t been used in 18 months. Fortunately, everything is in good working condition. After 5 days, we returned home, taking my dad to the airport the following day, for his return flight to UK. The next morning, June 15th, we packed up the truck again, taking the 3rd full load of “stuff” out to the coach. An hour after arriving at the campground, everything was stowed, the coach was hitched to the truck and we were off to enjoy our 2016 RV’ing adventure.

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