South Kihei Beach Walk

Kam 3 beach from south sideIt has been over a month since we departed Hawaii, and as we leave next week on our cross country RV excursion, it’s time to get caught up with recent travels and complete my Hawaii and Whistler posts.

Located in South Kihei, our timeshare is located across the street from one of many fabulous beaches. This area is  a walker’s paradise,  with abundant views of surfers, beaches, surf, rocky pools and a small harbour. The total distance of this walk was about 5 miles and at a very leisurely pace, with lots of stops, it took almost 3 hours. Read on to check out some spectacular beaches.

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Maui – Whale Watching

Whale breech post splashCan you ever see too many whales? Well for Judi and I, the answer is definitely, a huge “No”. When working for Princess Cruises, I completed two seasons of Alaska Cruising and subsequently we have completed about 6 Alaska cruises, so we have seen many, many whales. However, on arriving on Maui, a whale watching trip was still one of the activities at the top of the agenda.

The middle of April is close to the end of the Hawaiian season, as many whales have already started the migration to the Alaskan feeding grounds. We selected Pacific Whale Foundation out of Maalaea Harbour, as they provide a complimentary cruise, if no whales are sighted during your cruise.

We are happy to report that we didn’t receive a complimentary cruise. Check out the following photos of our whale sightings.

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Kealia Wildlife Refuge and Boardwalk

Whale breech landingOur 2nd full day on Maui was set aside for spending a day with nature. Having been on a number of whale watching trips, in addition to watching them from the shore, a whale watching cruise was definitely one of the first items on the agenda. We spent a couple of hours with Pacific Whale Foundation and  we were not disappointed.

Enroute to Maalaea Harbour we drove through the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, so we stopped at the Kealia Boardwalk for a stroll through coastal wetlands, enjoying the sights and sounds of local birds. This post will focus on the Wildlife Refuge and the next one on the whale watching.

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Back in Paradise – Maui

Hawaiian FlagWe returned from the World Cruise in September 2015 and have just spent our longest period at home since retirement (7 months). Fortunately the retirement lifestyle is back on track and we are finally back to our jet setting lifestyle.

It was only a six hour flight, but yes, we are soaking up the sun on a Maui beach, while listening to surf lapping ashore and the ever present trade winds whistling through the palm trees. Oh! did I forget sipping a Pina Colada, Mai Tai or other tropical refreshment.

If this isn’t paradise, it is awfully close.

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