Day 76 – 20th March 2020, Muscat

Muscat flag

We docked in Muscat by 08:00 this morning, at the same berth we used on our 2015 World Cruise. Only difference, on the Viking Sun, this is just a technical docking for bunkers and stores, so no shore leave for pax or crew.

After a great sleep, in the knowledge that we are remaining aboard for another 3 weeks to the US East Coast, we awoke this morning to a very anxious daughter, who is getting rather concerned with our continued absence, during these difficult times.

Read on to learn of another significant change to our tenure aboard the magnificent Viking Sun.

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Day 23 – Muscat, Oman – Grand Mosque Tour

Alongside Muscat – 08:00 to 17:00

We have eagerly awaited today’s port, as it has been almost 40 years since my previous visit to Muscat on an old cargo ship. How will it compare to the glitz and excesses of Dubai?  To view the local sights we initially considered catching the shuttle into town and then jumping on the HoHo bus, but it wasn’t any cheaper than the ship’s tour, so elected to stay with the ship’s tour of the Grand Mosque, Old Souq, Museum and Royal Palace.

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