Maui – Whale Watching

Whale breech post splashCan you ever see too many whales? Well for Judi and I, the answer is definitely, a huge “No”. When working for Princess Cruises, I completed two seasons of Alaska Cruising and subsequently we have completed about 6 Alaska cruises, so we have seen many, many whales. However, on arriving on Maui, a whale watching trip was still one of the activities at the top of the agenda.

The middle of April is close to the end of the Hawaiian season, as many whales have already started the migration to the Alaskan feeding grounds. We selected Pacific Whale Foundation out of Maalaea Harbour, as they provide a complimentary cruise, if no whales are sighted during your cruise.

We are happy to report that we didn’t receive a complimentary cruise. Check out the following photos of our whale sightings.

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