HMS Victory – Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard

Visiting and being able to walk through HMS Victory was definitely the highlight, of our visit to the Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard. For me, it was the culmination of a couple of previous visits on our current tour – the Battle of Trafalgar Exhibit at the National Maritime Museum and visiting Chatham Historic Dockyard, where the ship was built and refitted.

At over 250 years old, it is well maintained and in remarkably good condition, actually it is in better condition than many of the ships I sailed aboard. Continue reading

Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard

While enjoying our breakfast at 15 Bed & Breakfast and chatting with hostess Lorraine, she asked about our plans for the day. Since it was a rather dull and overcast day, with heavy rain forecast late afternoon, we planned to visit the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. Rather than driving around to Portsmouth, Lorraine suggested following the Solent around to Gosport, parking in the long stay lot and taking the ferry across to Portsmouth. Sure beats the congestion around Fareham.

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