Day 81 – Callao, Peru – August 10th, 2015

Callao, Peru – 00:00 to 16:00

Our 2nd day in Callao, Peru, but on yesterday’s tour we saw nothing to entice us to return ashore. Bob & Christine took the mall shuttle yesterday afternoon and advised it was a complete waste of time, being an extremely high end mall with substantial numbers of security forces armed with machine guns. If we went to the mall, it would be to look for wi-fi, so we stayed aboard, since we still have some satellite time left. Welcome back Capt Kent, as his first announcements did not disappoint.

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Day 13 – At Sea – Jun 3rd 2015

Freemantle to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Well, we are definitely past the mid-point of this lengthy sea passage from Fremantle to Colombo, Sri Lanka and everybody seems at ease with the repeated sea days. The wind has finally abated, but the lack of wind has brought additional clouds and frequent rain squalls in the vicinity of the ship. Today’s nautical trivia will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of “Following Seas”. So read on for our daily activities and some useless nautical trivia.

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