Ottawa and Quebec City – Cancelled

If you follow Judi on Facebook you will be well aware of the water issues we experienced this past week. Shortly after leaving the service centre we had a problem with the kitchen supply and drain pipes, as when the slides went out the pipes got jammed into a tangled mess, resulting in no water at the kitchen sink.  Our dealer in Abbotsford conveniently owns a dealership about 4 miles from our current location, and while they aren’t a Redwood dealer, Redwood approved they could work on the issue.

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Break Out The Jackets We’re Heading North

With the Rally and service centre visits complete it is time to head North and return to Canada for the remainder of August and September. This is the beginning of phase II, of our journey, which will include Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine.

It is 450 miles to our planned destination in Toronto, but we will stop in Port Huron and arrive a day late.

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