Our Summer/Fall 2016 Road Trip

Our RW during sunrise at Mesa SpiritAfter an almost 18 month hiatus, in a couple of months, we’ll hit the road and get back to some serious RV’ing. Our little tent on wheels has been lounging in storage, while we gallivanted around the world and then we lounged the winter away babysitting our grandson.

Voyage planning is almost complete, as the route is planned, campground reservations are almost complete and we have a service appointment at our dealer, for the annual inspection and de-winterising. Read on to check out our route and the campgrounds we are visiting. Continue reading

Back To School ? – Why!!!

work-paper-and-pencils-back-to-schoolThat’s right, after a hiatus of way to many years (40+) I am heading back to school, albeit a virtual school, or more specifically Blogging University’s Blogging 101 course. The course starts today and our first assignment is covering a little about me and the W’s – who, why, what, where, etc. Read on to view my first assignment, as I provide a brief introduction and answer all the W’s. Please fell free to provide comments and suggestions for improvement. Continue reading

Finally We Reach The West Coast

After a pleasant evening in Spokane, at much lower altitude than the previous evenings, it was time to commence the final voyage to the West Coast. After over a week of what seemed like constant driving, the end is finally in sight.

By 0830 we were ready to roll, but took a few minutes to meet one of the other Redwood owners in the park. It was a couple from Alaska and their coach was brand new, having just purchased it in Spokane. Told them about our forums and wished them well with their new coach.

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Montana to Pacific Northwest

Wow! what a start to the day, as I stepped out to walk the dogs about 0730, I saw the sky to the East was ablaze with red emanating from along the horizon. One of the best sunrises since my deep sea days. A very aptly named campground..

The end of this whirlwind cross-country journey is slowly coming into sight, as by this afternoon we finally reach the Pacific Northwest, and the normal dull grey sky and rain. After 2 nights at 5,000 feet we are looking forward to the lower altitude of Spokane and then finally back to sea level the following day. We just aren’t used to this lack of Oxygen!!!

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We Survived 30Knot Montana Crosswinds

Our day commenced with clear blue skies, although a rather chilly 2 C, from atop our 5,100 ft perch overlooking the small town of Sundance WY. On departure, it was a short distance downhill to top off with diesel and within minutes we were heading West and homeward bound on I-90. Yet another 400+ mile day of motorway driving. I must admit after 7 full days of driving, this is becoming a tad tiresome.

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South Dakota – Corn Fields to Foothills

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Canadians and Columbus Day to our friends across the border. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day, not with turkey & trimmings, but back on the road and another 400+ miles closer to home. Today we climbed steadily, fought headwinds all day and enjoyed the scenery, as it transitioned from corn fields to ranch land.

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Halfway Home – After A Really Long Day

So much for our previous goal of 200 to 250 miles per day, with a possible extension to 300 miles. Today is going to be a marathon, almost 500 miles to reach Sioux Falls on the I-90, which is also the mid-point of our cross-country sojourn. At our usual speed of 50 to 55 mph, that is way too much driving time, so we plan to run at closer to 60 mph today. Continue reading

We Survived Chicago – Again

It is the Friday of a long weekend, so we planned to overnight no more than 200 miles from Chicago, so we could be heading through by Noon, or early afternoon at the latest. Fortunately, this was one of those plans that actually worked rather well, with an uneventful and speedy transit through the “Windy City.” Today we pass through three States on our cross-country sojourn.

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