We’re Half Way Across The Country

Regina to Winkler, Manitoba

Today is our longest distance so far and is the final day of our sojourn across the Prairies. Our original destination was the Winnipeg KOA, but they emailed us a few days ago advising they were flooded and consequently had to cancel our reservation.

We called Winkler Tourist Park yesterday, to make a reservation, and the phone was answered, “Winkler Aquatic Centre”. Therefore, we departed Regina with no idea what to expect on arrival.  Continue reading

Wascana Park – Is It Similar to Stanley Park?

After visiting the RCMP Museum, we returned to the campground for lunch and walking the dogs. We arrived in clear, blue skies, but an hour later it had changed to, you guessed it – dull, grey and overcast. Not quite black clouds, but we could see them on the horizon.

How do the locals survive – brilliant sunshine heading to work and rain going home?

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RCMP Depot – Where They Change Boys & Girls Into Mounties

After the serious thunder storm last evening we woke up to the sun beating down from a clear, blue sky. With a warm, sunny day in Regina we have to plan our visit the RCMP Heritage Museum & Training Depot and Wascana Park. Due to the heat we can’t leave the dogs in the car, while we visit the museum. So, the plan is:

  • RCMP Museum in the morning,
  • Return for lunch and walk the dogs,
  • Head out again to Wascana Park.

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The Prairies – Our Expectations And Reality

Our expectations of what we will see on this journey across the Prairie Provinces, isn’t actually reality, so far. Judi has completed this route many times, but the most recent was 35 years ago, so memory could be a little fuzzy. Andy, however has zero experience, having lived within 25 mls of the coast his entire life. His perceptions were based on what he has read, seen in films or heard others discuss. We both expected totally flat land with crops growing all around, with very straight roads.

Interested in what we experienced so far?

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