Scenic Drive To Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso - CopyLocated in the NE corner of mainland Nova Scotia, Canso is of historic importance and is the location of a Parks Canada National Historic Site. We knew the National Park Site closed at the end of August, and our neighbours at the campground reported Canso to be little more than a run down fishing village, regardless, we decided to take the scenic drive. The drive was scenic, the roads were generally in fairly poor condition and our neighbour’s impression of Canso was accurate, but we had a great time, with the dogs enjoying their time at a beach.

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Niagara Falls Scouting Mission

As it is only a short hop from Cookstown down to Niagara Falls, we were set up by 14:00 and sitting down enjoying a quick cuppa, while we planned the rest of the day. Even Judi doesn’t recall being in this area before, so being a nice day we elected to take a drive to scout the area and plan our activities for the next 4 days.

The park’s internet has a good signal, but zero bandwidth, so we couldn’t get online to research the area or check out Google maps, therefore we set off, armed only with the free maps received at check-in and off course the trusty GPS. Our intended route is along the edge of Marineland, Canada’s equivalent to Sealand, then onto Niagara Parkway at the Welland River for the drive along the Niagara River and the Falls.

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