Summary Of Our 16 Days In UK

I was brought up in UK and Judi has also lived there briefly as a child, so our visit is more to see and spend some time with my dad, rather than playing tourist, but we do try to make a point of visiting a new location each visit.

In Scotland the weather is always an excellent topic of conversation and generally isn’t about how grand it’s been. For the first few days it was bitterly cold (4 or 5 C), at time torrential rain, while the remainder of the time it just rained and the wind never stopped. When attending the Rangers match we almost froze sitting in the stands. For the last week we experienced a remarkable turn around – clear skies and reasonably hot.

During our time in UK, we did the following:

  • Attended a football match
  • Drove to the West Coast and visited where I was born and a few of the houses we lived in
  • Met for dinner with friends we met on the last cruise on Emerald Princess
  • Took my dad down to the award winning chippie in Anstruther for lunch
  • Walking tour of St Andrews
  • Many long walks through the village in Strathkinness
  • Visited Falkirk wheel and the Kelpies (new)
  • Drove to/from Manchester
  • Met with old shipmate in Sheffield
  • Trip across Pennines (new)


  • Days completed -16,
  • Days remaining – 246
  • Flights completed – 2
  • Flights remaining – 20
  • Flights Distance – 5,046 miles
  • Distance driven – 1,000 miles

Anstruther Fish Bar

shopLocated about 10 miles South of St Andrews, Anstruther is one of the small fishing village/towns on the Fife Coast. The Anstruther Fish Bar was opened by a local family in 2003, that have worked in the local industry for many years. Using only locally caught and the freshest fish, the Fish Bar quickly developed an impressive reputation, which was confirmed when they won UK’s best chippie.

For Judi and I, a visit to the Anstruther Fish Bar is a regular sojourn every time we return to Scotland to visit my dad. A couple of days ago we took my dad and headed down to Anstruther for fish & chips. While I believe it now has new owners, the same quality is maintained. Exceptional lunch.

Anstruther Fish Bar from across the harbour at low tide

Anstruther Fish Bar from across the harbour at low tide

St Andrews Walking Tour

The small town of St Andrews is located on the North East Fife coastline and is the last place I lived in Scotland, before moving to Canada in 1980. Most people have probably heard St Andrews referred to as “The Home of Golf”, but in reality, St Andrews is so much more, with abundant history, renowned university, commerce and a thriving tourist industry.

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Scottish Canals and The Falkirk Wheel

Courtesy of Falkirk Wheel Website

Courtesy of Falkirk Wheel Website

As a child, growing up in Scotland, Falkirk was just one of many small towns in Central Scotland that used to have heavy industry. Falkirk is also located at the intersection of the Union and Forth & Clyde Canals. It certainly wasn’t a tourist destination, as the only time I recall going to Falkirk was to visit the football ground when I followed my beloved Rangers all across Scotland.

The industry is gone and the canals were closed in the 1960’s, after 30+ years of decline, but The Falkirk Wheel, a millennium project resurrected the canal system for leisure uses and is a rapidly growing tourist attraction.  Continue reading

Scottish Craft Beer

beer_barrelThe topic for this post originated from a recent trip to my dad’s neighbour for an afternoon refreshment. For beer, the choice was Old Speckled Hen or a 80/- ale from Williams Brewery in Alloa. Now this really piqued my interest, as for a few hundred years, Alloa was the brewing capital of Scotland and our host’s grandfather owned the biggest brewery – Youngers. We can get Old Speckled Hen at home, which made the decision much easier, 80/- Ale please.

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Walking The St Andrews Old Course, The Home Of Golf

St Andrews from airOn a typical cold and blustery day for the coastal town of St Andrews, we enjoyed a pleasant stroll on what I consider is the most famous golf course in the World, the St Andrews Old Course. You may wonder how we can just walk onto a golf course for a stroll, well it’s actually rather easy. The Old Course is one of 7 public golf courses operated by St Andrews Links Trust. To protect this grand old course from excessive wear and tear, no golfing is permitted on Sundays, and provided no tournament is taking place the public is free to walk the entire course.

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