Day 22 – 26th January 2020, Cruising S_Pacific


Judi on Balcony 5

Our final sea day, before we arrive in the magnificent Bay of Islands, New Zealand tomorrow morning. It has certainly been heavily biased towards sea days, with about 18 of the first 22 days being at sea. Only goes to prove, the Pacific is a huge ocean.

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Day 21 – 25th January 2020, Cruising S_Pacific

Viking Sun alongside Nukualofa 2

Having completed our final South Pacific island, we are now steaming towards New Zealand, where we have 8 port days in a row, including an overnight in Auckland. Today is the first of 2 sea days, before arrival in the magnificent Bay of Islands.

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Day 19 – 23rd January 2020, Cruising South Pacific

Viking Sun Flag State Ensign

Another sea day routine, as we steamed at a very sedate 11 kts across the South Pacific between Tonga and Fiji. Today we had a lecture on ocean liners of the past and an excellent evening show, which was a tribute to Karen Carpenter.

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Day 16 – 19th January 2020, Cruising South Pacific

03 Viking Sun at anchor

Today I have managed to get the little point & shoot camera working, so I will be including more daily pictures from around the ship. The full frame 5D is great for taking photos, but with a power drive and separate flash, it is just too heavy to carry everywhere around the ship.

Enjoy a few new photos.

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Day 15 – 18th January 2020, Cruising South Pacific

03 Altered onto final approach with fresh beam wind

Judi wishes the seas were this smooth out here

Today we were scheduled to anchor off the Cook Islands, participating in the included excursion and an optional excursion. However, the deep depression currently passing through the area dictated we head directly to Tonga, so today is another relaxing sea day.

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Day 14 – 17th January 2020, Cruising South Pacific

Viking World Wonders Cruise Map

Itinerary Map now out of date

Today we received the news of our first schedule change of this cruise. Cruise ships frequently miss the Cook Islands due to weather and based on the Captain’s announcement, we are heading directly to Tonga, where we will enjoy an overnight.

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Crossing the Line – 10th January 2020


Cook kissing the fishCrossing the Line Ceremony – where Pollywogs transition into Shellbacks. Is the ceremony a fine nautical tradition providing entertainment, or is it a demeaning experience for the participants. Your answer is probably dictated by your experience on a cargo/naval vessel or a passenger ship. How long ago is also a key factor.

Read on for some of the history, my previous experience and photos from aboard Viking Sun.

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Day 8 – 11th January 2020, Cruising S Pacific Ocean

Infinity Pool

Finally, the last sea day is upon us, as tomorrow we reach Nuku Hiva. With almost 8 sea days, I am pleasantly surprised that I haven’t heard any griping, such as “OMG, not another sea day. This was rather common on our last WC when sailing from Freemantle to Ceylon. By day 7 or 8, sea day complaints were common.

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Day 7 – 10th January 2020, Cruising N & S Pacific Oceans

Viking Sun - cruise mapperThis day brings to an end our first week aboard the magnificent Viking Sun. After 7 days of steaming, about 2,300 miles, today we reach the Southern Hemisphere. So does the water in the sink rotate in the opposite direction??? Which direction does it go at the Equator? One of the comments requested some feedback on the meals, so today I introduce a new heading for meals, where I’ll list daily special events and provide feedback on our dining experiences.

Read on to enjoy today’s experience aboard the Viking Sun.

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