Day 6 – 9th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

Seating alcove aft end Deck 8With 2 different shows this evening, that we wanted to watch, our sea day routine is again taking a hit. We had another first, enjoying Afternoon Tea in the Wintergarden. Since we no longer have laundry privileges, it was time to go find the laundry, dragging the bag. Check out another busy day aboard Viking Sun.

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Day 5 – 8th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

Our 4th of 8 sea days and today we finally reached the mid-point between L/A and Nuku Hiva. Although I refer to relaxing sea days, with all the activities, 2 hr meals and writing the daily blog, we really don’t have much free time available. However, today or tomorrow I will get a few photos of the cabin and complete a comparison post of the cabins of this and our previous World Cruise.

We had another great day on board the Viking Sun, hope you keep on reading.

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Day 4 – Tuesday 7th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

View from fwd balcony Explorers Dk 7This is our 3rd of 8 sea days, cruising the North Pacific and once we cross the Equator on January 10th, the South Pacific Ocean. The ship is still rolling and pitching gently, but we have way more passengers around than on the first day. With our sea day routine firmly established, it is time to check out some other dinning venues and areas of the ship. Over the next few days, I plan to get more daily photographs. Enjoy.

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Day 3 – Monday 6th January, Cruising Pacific Ocean

Viking Sun CabinThis is our 2nd of 8 sea days prior to arrival in Nuku Hiva. Judi and I are really enjoying being back at sea for the first time in over 2 years. For us this extended run of sea days is excellent, as we are able to learn this new ship and get back into a relaxing cruising lifestyle. After 2 weeks of watching our 6 month old grandson 24/7, just prior to the cruise, OMG!!! although we miss the kids, we are sure appreciating the relaxation. Continue reading