South Dakota – Corn Fields to Foothills

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Canadians and Columbus Day to our friends across the border. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day, not with turkey & trimmings, but back on the road and another 400+ miles closer to home. Today we climbed steadily, fought headwinds all day and enjoyed the scenery, as it transitioned from corn fields to ranch land.

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Halfway Home – After A Really Long Day

So much for our previous goal of 200 to 250 miles per day, with a possible extension to 300 miles. Today is going to be a marathon, almost 500 miles to reach Sioux Falls on the I-90, which is also the mid-point of our cross-country sojourn. At our usual speed of 50 to 55 mph, that is way too much driving time, so we plan to run at closer to 60 mph today. Continue reading

Today’s Biggest Decision – Motorway or Country Roads

Dakota Magic Casino to Albert Lea/Austin KOA

Today we had a couple of options; the shortest included back tracking North on I-29, about 80 miles on country roads and through Minneapolis, or the easiest driving I-29 & I-90 option, which was 40 miles longer. In deciding, we also factored into the equation that neither of us slept well due to a car alarm sounding all night in the parking lot. Don’t you just love gamblers!

Read on to find out which option we selected.

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