Day 52 – Southampton, UK – July 12th, 2015

***Happy Anniversary***

Southampton, UK – 07:00 to 20:00

Wow, what a great day, well actually it really is a truly monumental day. For those of you following our travels, you may ask, what’s so special, as it is only Southampton!!!

First, the obvious one, it is day 52 of a 104-day cruise, or the mid-point, so tomorrow starts the journey back to Sydney. Not really a big deal on this cruise, but on a 7 day round trip to Alaska it is depressing to reach Skagway on day 3 and then head South. Thirty five years and still going strong; yes, you guessed it, today is our anniversary. How better to celebrate what started as a shipboard romance aboard SS Oriana in the South Pacific, between a young British Officer and a young Canadian passenger. Little wonder they called it the, “Love Boat”.

It is almost a homecoming of sorts for me, returning to the country of my birth, but also I spent many days in Southampton while working for P&O/Princess.

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