Day 58 – Reykjavik, Iceland Circle Tour – July 18th, 2015 (Part 1)

Today’s tour is another full day event, even though arrival isn’t until 13:30, so it will be interesting to see the tours returning at 22:30, which is about 2 hours after the normal bed time of most passengers. By the time we finish dinner at 21:45 it is normally a very quiet ship, so I expect to hear some snoring on the return journey to the port. Our 8 hour Icelandic adventure consists of the Thingvellir National Park with the North America/Eurasia fault line, spectacular Gullfoss Waterfall, StrokkurGgeyser, downtown Reykjavik and Judi’s favourite a Icelandic Horse Show. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, so I hope you also enjoy my ramblings and small sample of photographs taken during the day.

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