Day 90 – 3rd April 2020, Suez Canal Transit

42 New Canal convoy astern

I have been through the Panama Canal over a couple dozen times and am still impressed, as it is an engineering wonder, but today was my very first daylight transit of The Suez Canal, or “Ditch through the Desert”.

When it opened in 1869, the canal was 200 to 300 ft wide at the surface, but only 72 ft wide at the bottom, with a depth of 26 ft. Over the years, the canal has been widened and dredged deeper on multiple occasions, with the last project being completed in 2015.

Enjoy the photographs of our transit from South to North.

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Day 31 – Suez Canal (Scenic Cruising) – Jun 21st 2015

Suez Canal Transit – 19:00 June 21st to 04:00 June 22nd

Originally scheduled to commence the transit in the early morning of June 21st, so should have seen the entire canal during daylight, but we awoke to find the ship still swinging on the hook, or at anchor. Due to ongoing engineering works in the canal and delays to the southbound convoy, our departure time was repeatedly put back throughout the day, eventually departing the anchorage shortly after 18:30.

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