Day 72 – 16th March 2020, Dep Colombo

Sunrise in Colombo

We spent the night alongside the passenger terminal in Colombo, taking bunkers and loading stores. At 06:00, when we were due to sail we still had a bunker barge/waste oil barge alongside, so departure was delayed until 09:00.

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Day 14 – At Sea – June 4th 2015

Freemantle to Colombo, Sri Lanka

As we approach our next port of Colombo, today is the day we crossed back into the Northern Hemisphere, which on this trip is our 4th crossing of the equator. As I write this at Noon, we have 63 miles to the equator, so I estimate we will be back in the Northern Hemisphere shortly after 17:00. No crossing the line ceremony today, but I suspect something is planned for tomorrow, as a few days ago they requested volunteers to participate.

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Day 11 – At Sea – June 1st 2015

Fremantle to Colombo, Sri Lanka

The third sea day of seven, between Fremantle and Colombo, and is about the time that first time cruisers and Caribbean type cruisers, used to 6 ports in 7 days, start to get antsy looking for land, but not us, we have settled nicely into the sea routine. Today, the morning and afternoon was busy, but we decided on a quiet and peaceful evening. Read on to check out the minor changes to our sea day routine.

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Day 9 – At Sea, Scenic Cruise HMAS Sydney – May 30th

Scenic Cruise by HMAS Sydney – 16:00 to 17:00

Today is the first of 7 sea days between Fremantle and Colombo, but at 17:00 we will be stopping above the resting place of HMAS Sydney II to conduct a very well attended and moving memorial service. In addition to the memorial service, we also attended an excellent presentation by a retired RAN Commodore.

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Montana to Pacific Northwest

Wow! what a start to the day, as I stepped out to walk the dogs about 0730, I saw the sky to the East was ablaze with red emanating from along the horizon. One of the best sunrises since my deep sea days. A very aptly named campground..

The end of this whirlwind cross-country journey is slowly coming into sight, as by this afternoon we finally reach the Pacific Northwest, and the normal dull grey sky and rain. After 2 nights at 5,000 feet we are looking forward to the lower altitude of Spokane and then finally back to sea level the following day. We just aren’t used to this lack of Oxygen!!!

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