Day 89 – 2nd April 2020, At Sea


Vegetable storageSince we had a day off from Baggo, it was a quiet morning, but the afternoon and evening were busy. Rather than have officers join us for dinner tonight, we started a new initiative of inviting crew members to join us for dinner, recognising the great service we have received.

This evening, Judi and I dined with our cabin stewards, who were both very comfortable with the experience and enjoyed their meal.

At 16:00, today’s ship tour included the I-95 and storerooms. More photos under activities.

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Day 72 – 16th March 2020, Dep Colombo

Sunrise in Colombo

We spent the night alongside the passenger terminal in Colombo, taking bunkers and loading stores. At 06:00, when we were due to sail we still had a bunker barge/waste oil barge alongside, so departure was delayed until 09:00.

Photo above is sunrise, from the balcony, with the sun just peeking above the city and cargo sheds. Continue reading

Back in Paradise – Maui

Hawaiian FlagWe returned from the World Cruise in September 2015 and have just spent our longest period at home since retirement (7 months). Fortunately the retirement lifestyle is back on track and we are finally back to our jet setting lifestyle.

It was only a six hour flight, but yes, we are soaking up the sun on a Maui beach, while listening to surf lapping ashore and the ever present trade winds whistling through the palm trees. Oh! did I forget sipping a Pina Colada, Mai Tai or other tropical refreshment.

If this isn’t paradise, it is awfully close.

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Day 30 – At Sea – Jun 20th 2015

Aqaba, Jordan to Suez Canal

A nice relaxing sea day is just what the doctor ordered after the punishing day in the heat of Petra yesterday. However, with minimal sea days from now until Southampton, the days are packed solid with port lectures, enrichment lectures and other activities. After the flat calm of the Gulf of Aqaba, I am pleased to advise that the fresh winds we have become accustomed to are back.

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Day 9 – At Sea, Scenic Cruise HMAS Sydney – May 30th

Scenic Cruise by HMAS Sydney – 16:00 to 17:00

Today is the first of 7 sea days between Fremantle and Colombo, but at 17:00 we will be stopping above the resting place of HMAS Sydney II to conduct a very well attended and moving memorial service. In addition to the memorial service, we also attended an excellent presentation by a retired RAN Commodore.

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Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

African QueenThe mighty Zambezi River, at about 1,700 miles in length, is Africa’s 4th longest river, behind the Nile, Congo and Niger Rivers. However, it is the longest of the African rivers that flow East. Starting in NW Zambia, close to the borders with Angola and Congo, the Zambezi flows through 6 countries before discharging into the Indian Ocean.

Probably best known for fury and thunder of Victoria Falls, which will be the subject of tomorrow’s post, as today I will describe our contrasting serene sunset cruise aboard the African Queen. Continue reading

Sunset at King Neptune Campground, Nova Scotia

Once set up at our ocean front site at King Neptune Campground we sat down and enjoyed the obligatory cuppa tea, enjoying the abundant ocean views and listening to the lapping of the waves rolling onto the shore. Was the 5,000+ drive worth it, a resounding yes, we could easily stay here for ever, well at least until it gets cold in a few weeks.

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Nova Scotia Sunset On A Clear Day

Hyclass Ocean Campground the lum is a reekin'

Hyclass Ocean Campground the lum is a reekin’

After our scenic drive around the coast to Canso, on arriving at the campground, we stopped at the office and picked up a bucket of wood. Expecting a clear evening, it would be the perfect time to sit outside and have a campfire take away the first vestiges of the Fall chill. We got it fired up just before sunset, so we would have some nice coals generating heat once the sun went down.

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Lake Ontario Sunset

Our spot at the campground

Our spot at the campground

After a very early departure from Delhi, Ontario we pulled into The Willows Campground on Lake Ontario by late afternoon. Just prior to sunset we joined the procession heading down to the lake shore and grabbed a bench to enjoy the sunset. The Great Lakes may not be the ocean, but after 3,000 miles across the country it is just a pleasant experience seeing the water again. The sunset may not compare to those on Maui, but it was definitely picturesque.



Sunset on Lake Ontario

Sunset over Lake Ontario 4

Looking along the lake shore at sunset

Judi and the dogs sitting on the bench enjoying sunset.

Judi enjoying the sunset

Duke lying with Judi at sunset

Kona sitting with Judi at sunset

The campground from the end of the dock.

Looking at the campground from the dock