Lake Ontario Sunset

Our spot at the campground

Our spot at the campground

After a very early departure from Delhi, Ontario we pulled into The Willows Campground on Lake Ontario by late afternoon. Just prior to sunset we joined the procession heading down to the lake shore and grabbed a bench to enjoy the sunset. The Great Lakes may not be the ocean, but after 3,000 miles across the country it is just a pleasant experience seeing the water again. The sunset may not compare to those on Maui, but it was definitely picturesque.



Sunset on Lake Ontario

Sunset over Lake Ontario 4

Looking along the lake shore at sunset

Judi and the dogs sitting on the bench enjoying sunset.

Judi enjoying the sunset

Duke lying with Judi at sunset

Kona sitting with Judi at sunset

The campground from the end of the dock.

Looking at the campground from the dock