Scenic Long Weekend In Victoria

worldmark victoriaA couple of months ago, shortly after returning from our World Cruise, we reserved one of the Victoria Worldmark condos for our daughter and son-in-law. This was our thanks to them for looking after our dogs and cat while we were away. Our son and daughter-in-law had recently returned from Dubai, so all four of them headed over for the weekend, returning with stories of visiting some excellent craft breweries.

What’s good for the kids works, is good for us, so with good friends Richard & Karen we spent a 4-day long weekend in Victoria, BC. Continue reading

Cape Town – A Welcome Return

View From Our Room - Life Is Really Tough

View From Our Room – Life Is Really Tough

After three days in Zambia, we were very happy to return to Cape Town and the exceptional Victoria & Alfred Hotel. Mind you, after three days at the Royal Livingston in Zambia, paying 5-star prices, but receiving budget motel standards, we would probably have been happy at a Motel 6.The distance between Livingstone and Cape Town is only a couple of thousand miles, but it took about 12 hours from hotel to hotel. Continue reading

Thunder and Fury of Victoria Falls

Dr Livingstone statue at entrance to park

This was a day of contrasts, with a quite walk along the banks of the Zambezi River to the thunder and immense fury of Victoria Falls, which has 900,000 litres of water pour over the top of the Falls, each second. Fortunate to have seen Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls within 9 months, we can comfortably state that Niagara was amazing, but Victoria Falls are simply in a different league, especially at high water. Continue reading