Day 84 – 28th March 2020, At Sea

Josh Show 2We have a busy day today, with the inter-departmental Baggo Championship starting, but fortunately the Vikings (Officers + Pax) have a bye today, as 7 of us are attending a French Cuisine cooking class, with Chef Roberto. In addition, we have optional daily temperature checks, and then this evening, Josh’s inaugural performance with “Rock Through the Ages”. Continue reading

Day 75 – 19th March 2020, At Sea


World Cruise Map 2

As you all know too well, the world has gone crazy, but to date Viking have done an amazing job, both keeping us safe and providing an enjoyable experience on the Ultimate 245-day World Cruise. Unfortunately, with the world shrinking daily, even Viking are having to admit defeat and are commencing with plans to repatriate us home.

Sadly, this exceptional World Cruise is ending prematurely.

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Day 57 – 1st March 2020, At Sea

Blackened sirloin steakA new month starts today, so we have now been aboard this magnificent ship for most of January, all February and now into March. In fact, we are now just a couple of days from the mid-point, as we still have 2 months before arriving in London. Departing Australia yesterday, today we are steaming for Komodo Island, where tomorrow we will embark on a jungle walk, to see man-eating dragons.

Hot off the press – when going ashore tomorrow, the local authorities require everyone to wear a mask, at all time. We must protect the dragons from the virus.

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