Trans-Atlantic Cruise – 332 Days To Go

Trans-Atlantic – Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale

In other posts, this is the cruise we refer to as the “Prequel” to the main event, which is the 2023 World Jouneys cruise that departs from L/A. Right about now you are probably thinking we have gone somewhat “bonkers” – flying across the Atlantic, to cruise straight back again. To make matters even worse, the cruise only includes 2 ports, and it is followed by multiple flights home from Fort Lauderale, and an overnight in a Montreal airport hotel. Read on, as I assure you, we have a somewhat valid explanation.

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2023 World Cruise – 365 Days To Go

When we booked our 3rd World Cruise on 9th December 2020, it showed we had about 760 days to go before boarding. That felt like an eternity, especially with the current lack of travel, due to COVID. We had a little cheer when it hit 500 days to go and again at 400, well today that number hit 365. Yeah, only 1-year to go, not a big enough milestone to break out the Moet & Chandon, but nice to know that a year from now we will be in sunny SoCal, and then back to sea.

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World Cruise Prequel

Los Angeles to London isn’t quite a World Cruise, so in addition to the 29-day extension, Judi & I had discussed also booking the pre-World Cruise Trans-Atlantic. Therefore, the only part we would miss is the Trans-Canal from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. A couple of relaxing weeks aboard Viking Neptune sailing across the Atlantic, fly home for Christmas, Hogmanay and our grandson’s birthday, before flying to Los Angeles and rejoining the ship. Simply perfect.

So often in life, timing is everything, well Viking published the Viking Neptune’s pre-World Cruises last week, when Judi and I were discussing some options for heading over to UK for my dad’s celebration of life. We haven’t finalised that event yet, but one of the options meshed perfectly with this cruise. Please click “Continue Reading” for the itinerary.

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2023 Scandinavia and The British Isles

Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – courtesy of Viking

We booked the 2023 World Journeys cruise from Los Angeles to London, aboard Viking’s newest ship the Viking Neptune. In fact, this ship is so new they haven’t even laid the keel yet. In addition to the World Cruise, Judi and I have discussed staying on after the World Cruise for a European cruise and/or a prequel, with a Trans-Atlantic from the shipyard to Ft Lauderdale.

Last month, Viking finally published some additional Viking Neptune cruises, so we booked this 29-day Scandinavia & The British Isles cruise. Please click “continue reading” to discover this amazing itinerary.

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Hawaiian Island Sojourn

Viking Orion – courtesy of Travel Pulse

Sitting in our Whistler condo (Worldmark Sundance) on a very gloomy and soggy day, it is the perfect time to catch up with some long overdue blog posts. As I alluded to in my previous post today, we have certainly been checking out cruises and may even have kept our excellent Travel Agent rather busy, these past few months.

You may ask, what does Viking Orion have to do with the post title – Hawaiian Island Sojourn – click “Continue Reading” for the answer.

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2023 Viking World Journeys – 450 Days To Go

2023 World Journeys

OMG!!! we booked this cruise over 10 months ago, and we still have 450 days, until we board the magnificent Viking Neptune, in San Pedro, for our 3rd World Cruise. The number of days to go started at 760, so we have already passed 3 significant milestones – 700 days, 600 days and 500 days.

We booked the day the cruise was published, and immediately started contacting our many friends from previous cruises, with at least 6 other couples signing up. In adition to our Canadian & US friends, we also have friends from Sweden, who were our neighbours on the 2020 WC. We also have many of our blog readers, who followed along with our adventures on the Magical Mystery Tour (2020 WC), who have also signed up. Needless to say we are already developing a significant group on our very active Cruise Critic Roll Call.

I also produce a World Cruise Album, which is a Viking World Cruise tradition, and we already have 26 couples, who have contributed information and a photo. Please click on the link to view the album template.

Since booking this cruise, we have been busy reviewing additional cruise options, all which are with our new preferred cruise line – Viking Ocean. Rumours are circulating we may even have booked something, so check out the next posts.

2023 Viking World Journeys Itinerary

Once we decided on a 2023 WC, rather than the previously booked 2022 B2B, we had another decision to make:

  • 138 Days Ft Lauderdale to London, departing Dec 22nd 2022, or
  • 121 Days Los Angeles to London, departing Jan 8th 2023

Judi really doesn’t like spending Christmas away from home and we have both been through Panama many times – Judi about 10 and me 25+. Only 2 of the ports were new ports for us – Cozumel, which we have no desire to visit and Leon in Nicaragua, a country we have visited a number of times.

Therefore, it was a quick and easy decision, our preference was the 2023 Viking World Journeys, departing L/A (San Pedro) on Jan 8th 2023. Read on for the detailed itinerary and some Viking links.

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World Cruise # 3 – 2023 or 2025???

Viking ship photo

Viking Cruise Ship – courtesy of Viking Cruises

Since returning from the curtailed 2020 Viking World Cruise in April, our wanderlust lifestyle of extensive travel, has seen a significant change. We can’t cross the border and International travel isn’t recommended, so last summer when our local COVID numbers were excellent, we enjoyed a week in Victoria and another in Whistler.

Unfortunately, with COVID numbers recently taking a turn for the worse, our Health Officer has recommended travel be limited to only what is essential. Therefore, last week Judi & I cancelled our reservation at our Victoria condo for next month.

So, you may ask, what does all this have to do with another WC in 2023 or 2025 – read on, for breaking news.

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Andy & Judi’s 2020 World Cruise Review – Vol III

Viking Sun in Noumea

This is a continuation of our 2020 World Cruise Review, which is based on a similar format that I used after our 2015 World Cruise. Volume III of the 2015 Cruise covered the negatives, or areas needing improvement, but after many hours of post cruise reflection, we can only think of 1 negative – missing most of the ports, but this was completely outside the control of the cruise line. Therefore, Vol III will address even more positives:

  • Ship – Viking Sun
  • Meals

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Viking Ocean – Explorer Suite (ES 1) Review

Viking Sun Deck 4

When we were unable to disembark in Dubai, the 8 Canadians remained aboard the ship, as it sailed from Dubai on March 26th, for port or ports unknown. After a brief sojourn in Dubai, the Magical Mystery Cruise resumed.

Suite floorplan

Floorplan – Stbd side Suite, 4001 or 5001

A couple hours after sailing from Dubai, the 8 remaining passengers met with Norbert (GM) and all his Department Heads. First topic Norbert discussed was cabins, as Norbert graciously offered us all suites. It was resolved rather easily, as most of us moved to the fwd Suite on our deck and side of the ship. For Judi and I, it entailed moving from 4058 (DV 4) to 4000 (ES 1). By the time the meeting with Norbert concluded, Anna the Executive Housekeeper had arranged keys for our new cabins and adjusted the Cabin Steward assignments, so we retained our original Cabin Stewards. Extremely thoughtful.

Suite lounge from windows

Living Room from the fwd windows – balcony access through curtains on right

Entering the Suite, the first impression is wow!!, this is huge and it has a great view, almost as good as the view from the Bridge, 2 decks above.

Suite lounge from the door

Living/Dining Room from the entrance

The open plan Living Room, Dining Room and Office (desk) is spacious, with the cabin having lots of natural light streaming through the large deck to deckhead windows across the fwd bulkhead and down the ship’s side. Each window has 2 curtains, a sheer that provides great slightly diffused light by day and a heavy blackout curtain for night-time. As suites are fwd facing, it is imperative that the heavy blackout curtain is closed before sunset and remains closed until sunrise. Failure to comply degrades the Bridge Team’s night vision and risks incurring the wrath of the Captain or Senior Officer of the Watch.

Suite dining room and desk

Dining Room & Office (Desk) from balcony door

Unlike the Owner’s Suite with the 65″ B&O TV, the Suite TV was similar to the excellent one in our previous cabin. In addition to the size, the flooring materials on the deck are also an upgrade from regular cabins. In the Living/Dining Room, most of the flooring is laminate, with the only carpet being in the vicinity of the couch, table and chairs.

The Suites are all stocked with library books, about a couple of dozen, and some are huge and expensive coffee table publications. Each Suite had a large Atlas/Map. Although we never ordered Room Service in the Suite, the dining table would be an excellent upgrade over the low tables in the DV cabins.

Suite bedroom


The Bedroom is a separate area and can be closed off from the Living Room with the door adjacent to the desk. For us, this is an excellent feature, as I am awake about 05:00 and Judi prefers to sleep in, so having the connecting door let her sleep in peace.  The bed was aligned athwartships and at the fwd end of the bedroom. This made it rather tight at the fwd end, but at the aft end there was about 8 feet of empty space to reach the bathroom.

Suite closet

Walk-in closet

An excellent feature was the night-light, which can be activated on either side of the bed. It has 1 light in the bedroom and a couple of lights in the bathroom, which makes it easy getting up at night, or when the curtains are closed.

Suite double sinks

Double sinks with lots of additional storage

The bathroom was huge with double sinks, 4 huge drawers and even a heated towel rack.

Suite heated towel rack

Heated towel rack

That’s only 1/2 the bathroom, as they also have a massive walk-in shower and bath tub.

Suite shower and bath tub

Shower and Bath Tub

As seen above, it looks like a mirror at the end of the bath tub, but it is actually another TV. The TV remote is bottom right of the above photo, at the side of the tub.

Suite balcony with loungers

Balcony with loungers, table and chairs

The balcony is located on the side of the ship, with deck to deckhead windows affording protection up fwd. The deck does wrap around and all the way across the fwd bulkhead, but structural beams render it inaccessible. However, we still had great views ahead and down the Port side.

As seen above, the seats were aligned outboard for our daily viewing of the moon, stars and a planet. During the Suez Canal transit, I spent most of the day on the balcony, with all Suez photos taken on the balcony.


We greatly appreciated the opportunity to try a Suite for our remaining 2+ weeks aboard the magnificent Viking Sun. The bright and spacious cabin with incredible vistas and additional features was amazing. Closing off the bedroom and living area when I got up early certainly assisted Judi in getting more sleep.

However, for Judi the extreme fwd location did not work, as the pitching motions in a seaway are extenuated this far fwd. Although she loved the spaciousness and additional features, she prefers the reduced motion of a midships cabin. The Suites are also in close proximity to the anchors, so when weighing anchor at Suez, 6 of us were wide awake by 04:00.

Our thanks to Viking Ocean and the incredible Officers aboard the Viking Sun for providing us the opportunity to experience a Suite.