Andy & Judi’s 2020 World Cruise Review – Vol III

Viking Sun in Noumea

This is a continuation of our 2020 World Cruise Review, which is based on a similar format that I used after our 2015 World Cruise. Volume III of the 2015 Cruise covered the negatives, or areas needing improvement, but after many hours of post cruise reflection, we can only think of 1 negative – missing most of the ports, but this was completely outside the control of the cruise line. Therefore, Vol III will address even more positives:

  • Ship – Viking Sun
  • Meals

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Andy & Judi’s 2020 World Cruise Review – Vol II

Ship's Sections

Viking Sun Schematic

Welcome to Vol II of our 2020 World Cruise (WC) summary. The review of our 2015 WC discussed positives in Vol II and areas for improvement in Vol III. However, with the exception of completing the itinerary, the 2020 WC is all positive. Therefore, I will align the 2020 summaries, with same headings as 2015, but both posts discuss positives.

This post, will cover the following areas:

  • Itinerary
  • Master
  • Officers and Crew
  • Cabin
  • Entertainment

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Andy & Judi’s 2020 World Cruise Review – Vol 1

2020 World Wonders – Viking Sun – 4th January to 2nd May (119 days)

World Cruise Map

2020 World Wonders Itinerary

Welcome to Volume 1 of our 2nd World Cruise review, which will be in a similar format to the 2015 WC Review Vol I. This is primarily a record of our travels, for Judi & I to review at a future date and reflects our personal opinions and experiences, as paying passengers. We have no prior or current connection with Viking Cruises and this was the 2nd cruise in 40 years, where I did not know the Captain, an officer or crew member before boarding.

For those interested in a Viking cruise, or even a Viking World Cruise, I encourage you to research other passenger blogs, to gain a wider and possibly more balanced review of the cruise. The other blogs that I know of are:

In addition, to discussing our experience, I will also provide comparisons between this and out 2015 World Cruise on a different company.

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Andy and Judi’s 2015 World Cruise Review I

2015 World Cruise – Sea Princess – May 22nd to Sept 4th (104 Nights)

World Map showing our world cruise itinerary

World Map showing our world cruise itinerary

Sitting here watching the planes take-off at the Sydney Airport Rydges Hotel, awaiting our flights home tomorrow, there is no better time to sit down and reminisce about our recently completed magnificent voyage of discovery.

This summary is solely based on our opinion, and is our personal views and recollections of the just completed World Cruise. It does not reflect the views of our many other fellow passengers; therefore, I encourage readers to read blogs written by fellow passengers, to attain a more balanced view. Continue reading