Summer/Fall 2021 – British Columbia Staycations

Humpback Tail Off Victoria

Having been cooped-up in the house since returning from the 2020 World Cruise, on Viking Sun, Judi and I decided it was time to start returning to our somewhat pre-COVID nomadic lifestyle. No fancy cruises or trips across Canada in the RV this year, but we did book some time locally in our RV and a couple of our local timeshares.

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Scenic Long Weekend In Victoria

worldmark victoriaA couple of months ago, shortly after returning from our World Cruise, we reserved one of the Victoria Worldmark condos for our daughter and son-in-law. This was our thanks to them for looking after our dogs and cat while we were away. Our son and daughter-in-law had recently returned from Dubai, so all four of them headed over for the weekend, returning with stories of visiting some excellent craft breweries.

What’s good for the kids works, is good for us, so with good friends Richard & Karen we spent a 4-day long weekend in Victoria, BC. Continue reading